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Use Cases


Deploy the platform as an ingestion layer to processing incoming data streams. It allows for the filtering, sampling, pre-processing, and volume reduction of data. Following this, you can egress data into:

  • Existing systems.

  • Your desired storage destinations, e.g., on-disk, AWS S3 or Azure Blob Storage. 

  • Your preferred analytics solution, e.g., Elasticsearch, Scuba, or Splunk.


Use the platform as either a Relay or a Bridge, to connect disparate systems, protocols, and technologies together. A Bridge between HTTP services and queues (e.g., AMQP, Kafka, or NSQ), can turn static data sources (e.g., SQL) into data streams. TCP and UDP data streams can be consumed directly.


Agents can be co-located with other software, enabling them to collect and route metrics, logs, and other data across multiple locations, as well as ship logs and instrument systems that lack observability and telemetry.


The platform has been successfully used by ISP (Internet Service Provider) and MSP (Managed Service Provider) customers to solve network monitoring challenges. To add to this, our distributed architecture allows for multi-site monitoring on private networks; augmenting the observability of SD-WAN solutions that lack instrumentation; the processing and ingesting of large amounts of Netflow data and enables users to perform network traffic analysis and packet inspection at the edge. 

It can be applied to any combination of ingestion, bridging and collection and addresses a wide range of both simple and advanced data engineering challenges.