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Version: 3.5.3



Hotrod 3.5.0 impacts configuration of the Server and Agents, and changes default ports on the Server. When upgrading from versions 3.4.x to version 3.5.0 or newer, please see the upgrade guide for guidance.



  • change: CLI hotrod context show was replaced with:

    • hotrod context show all
    • hotrod context show global
    • hotrod context show pipe
    • hotrod context show tag
    • hotrod context show tenant
  • fix that hotrod context global -f <contextFile> now parses input context files accord to these rules:

    • If top level context key is present, use its content as the input context
    • If top level context key is absent, use top level key/values as input context
    • If top-level context key is present, other top-level keys are ignored


  • new: for inputs s3 and azure-blob, the parquet preprocessor now supports both uncompressed and compressed input files, like snappy.

  • fix that the abort action could emit channel send errors when running Pipes with the CLI

  • fix that fields with boolean values doesn't support context expansion

  • fix that fields with number values didn't support context expansion

    • If you find any issues with this, please let us know
  • fix that context variable expansion now works as expected with batch on outputs


  • fix that the message_data.run_duration_ms field in pipe-run-ended and pipe-step-statistics in messages sometimes contained a timestamp, not a duration value

  • new: message types pipe-run-ended and pipe-statistics messages now contains run_filtered_events and total_filtered_events counters the message_data payload


Version 3.5.2 adds some convenience features for monitoring Pipes.


  • new: the time action has a new format shorthand, epoch_nanosecs. It parses nanosecond-resolution timestamps like 1692794512002199173. It can be used in the input-format and output-format fields. This is useful to parse timestamps from Hotrod's internal messages.


  • new: the messages types pipe-step-statistics and pipe-run-ended now has a message_data payload with statistics and counters. This is a convenience for monitoring Pipes.


Version 3.5.1 adds internal performance improvements to reduce write IO and CPU utilization, particularly when using Pipes with the internal-messages input.