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Version: 3.5.3

Upgrade Guide (3.5.0)

This guidance is for users who are upgrading their binaries to version 3.5.x from version prior to 3.5.0. Please refer to the changelog for a complete list of functional changes.


Prior to upgrading, users are advised to create backups of:

  • The data directory of the Server
  • The Pipe directory of Agents

1. Change in Server Startup Command

If your Server was previously started with hotrod run stand-alone ..., change this command to hotrod run server .... The built-in Server agent is now enabled by default.

2. New Port Configuration

Agents will bind on a new (additional) port for Pipe-to-Agent communication.

The default bind address for Agents are, and in the case of the Server's built-in agent.

Both the Server and Agents accepts the CLI option --agent-api-bind-address, or the environment variable HOTROD_AGENT_API_BIND_ADDRESS.