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Hotrod Overview

Hotrod is a distributed data processing system that simply and easily allows you to manipulate data that you send to your existing data analytics systems, SIEM or other data hungry applications, while at the same time reducing volume and increasing the value of that data.

It does so by supporting a distributed architecture which allows you to collect and process data as close to the data source as possible, combined with a feature rich and expressive Pipe Language that allows anyone to get data into their preferred (data analytics) systems without needing to be a developer or an expert.

The Pipe Language

The Pipe Language has been thoughtfully crafted out of the experience of the founders -

Over more than a decade of building and working with distributed and high volume enterprise data analytics systems such as Splunk and Elasticsearch, and seeing the challenges that can arise when faced with the dynamic nature of on-boarding new data sources.

Pipes have built-in analytics capabilities that are available close to your data sources, and is the perfect companion to your existing data analytics systems.

Hotrod and Pipe Language enables you to rapidly achieve maximum value out of your data analytics investments by being:

  • simple enough to use frequently and regularly
  • powerful enough to enable easy onboarding of even the most challenging data sources

- It is the tool that we always wanted when doing those deployments.

What's different?

There are many developer tools available to integrate data into data analytics systems but very few of these systems cater to administrators and analysts themselves.

  • Hotrod is configuration based

    Pipe Language provides a run-time, configuration based system to prepare data for data analytics and monitoring systems. This is in stark contrast to developing bespoke micro-services or using frameworks that require custom code and developers.

  • Easy to learn

    The pipes language was deliberately designed to be easy to learn and to be as small as possible. Whenever possible, parameter names are re-used and singular concepts are re-enforced.

  • Less fragile

    Hotrod does strong type checking on all submitted pipes to ensure that a mistake in the syntax does not accidentally stop your data from flowing.

  • Functional style

    The language also follows a very functional style with branching logic and other programming constructs deliberately left out. This makes it as easy as possible to reason about what exactly your pipes are doing.

  • Share Hotrod Pipes between team members and across teams. Learn, share and improve your Data Engineering practice without worrying about continuity and knowledge of once-off scripts only living in certain team member's heads.
  • Hotrod Pipes are supported by Panoptix, which means you are never on your own, there is help, training and support available when you need it.
  • Hotrod is supported by a rich library of templates and examples which can be used to get you started.
  • Hotrod enables rapid deployment of Data Analytics solutions by allowing you to abstract the heavy lifting required to integrate data pipelines into your existing infrastructure.

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