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Setting a License

For assistance and to extend your license, please contact us.

When the Server is first started, a trial license is activated, which allows for 1GB of daily volume and a maximum of 2 Agents. This trial will expire in 30 days.

$> hotrod license show

Hotrod Trial
Issued to: Trial User
Issued date: 2020-10-07 13:04:07 UTC
Expires: 2020-11-06 13:04:07 UTC

| Current Usage | Maximum
Agents | 0 | 2
Volume | 0.00 B | 1.00 GiB

The license is encoded in JWT format (this site is useful to examine the details of licenses).

Download the license file and activate either one of two ways:

Via the CLI

$> hotrod license activate -f license.key

Issued to: PanoptixDev
Issued date: 2020-07-08 14:36:12 UTC
Expires: 2021-07-08 14:36:12 UTC

| Current Usage | Maximum
Agents | 0 | 1000
Volume | 0.00 B | 1.50 GiB

$> hotrod server logs

timestamp | level | message
2020-10-07T15:04:15 | INFO | user=admin successful login from
2020-10-07T15:08:06 | INFO | license restored license installed

The Server will also activate a license if the environment variable HOTROD_LICENSE is set to <contents of license.key>.

$> export HOTROD_LICENSE='eyJ0eXAiOiJKV...'

Via the web-based UI

Log into the UI (see quickstart).

In the Dashboard, you'll see a notification if your trial or license has already expired as shown below.

On the top navigation, select License under Manage.

Under **License Information** you'll see your current license and usage information.

To activate a new license, click on Activate New License.

Paste your license key in the New License Key field then click Activate.

After activation, you'll be returned to Hotrod License Information, where you will notice your new license issued and expiry dates.

For licensing purposes, the volume of a Pipe is considered to be the widest step — the step which processes the most bytes/events.

If total allocated volume is exceeded, or a license expires, the Server goes into read-only mode. The API for queries (Agents, Pipes, volumes, etc.) will continue to work but you cannot add or modify Agents or Pipes. Existing Pipes will continue to run.